Representing South-Western Carroll County

Growth, infrastructure, and traffic, are just some of the issues that impact our local daily lives.  In Westminster I'll be paying attention to the things that matter to you, your children, your family, and your neighborhood because I live here too!

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

I will continue the proud Carroll County tradition of supporting our law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, and all emergency support personnel.

American Flag

A free-market economy, personal freedom, low taxes, limited government, and an adherence to the US Constitution is a pathway to prosperity and success for all Carroll County residents.

Education begins at home.  We shouldn't feel helpless when it comes to what our kids are taught in schools.  I oppose the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools. Masks should be optional and getting a COVID shot is a personal choice.  No more lock-downs.

School Safety

Are we doing enough to keep kids safe?  I'll work with fellow Commissioners, law enforcement, and school board to ensure that when a student "sees something and says something" they know someone is listening.  We need to take immediate measures to strengthen the physical security of our schools.

Fiscal Responsibility

They spend a lot of money in Westminster!  I won't rubber stamp budgets and spending, and will work with YOU, my fellow Commissioners, and District 4 mayors/towns to prioritize needs and advocate projects.

The 2nd Amendment

I support the right to bear arms and will NEVER support any legislation, ordinances, or initiatives that hinder or restrict your constitutional rights to do so.